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Litter is a problem after a big weekend of swimming and too many people are leaving the litter behind to the annoyance of others, and the detriment of the open space.  We encournage people to use the space with the ethos of just leaving footprints, it should not be for others to clear up this public open space.

The PC is discussing this further with BA&ES to engage with them in finding a solution.

After B&NES announce they will be rigerously enforcing parking ban at Warleigh Weir (see article HERE) we have noted a increased number of parking tickets for cars on the refreshed double yellow lines.


Claverton PC is working with the various stakeholders who have an interest in the open access land at Warleigh weir (Canal and River Trust, Highways, Network Rail, and Bath & NE Somerset Council) to assist make the access to the area safe and incident free for the users and parishioners.  

In 2016 we anticipate a number of activities, which, in no particular order, are:

  1. The road will be cleaned and yellow lines will be repainted so that is clear to users that there is very limited parking and hopefully this will lead to less people being ticketed and also to ensuring that access for emergency vehicles as well as the residents is kept open.
  2. Planning for new gates and fences at the crossing along with a pedestrian bridge to replace the unmanned crossing and enable a safer access over the railway line.  
  3. Review of the road markings around the top of Ferry Lane and the other immediate side roads off the A36, and the bus stop to ensure that these are kept clear and sightlines are retained.
  4. Review of web based information for visitors to ensure that the are aware of the availability of the bus route and stops for car free access, and also information on the limitations on parking spaces.

This information will be updated later in 2016, but if you have any suggestions or queries please do not hesitate to contact the clerk.

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