Parish Council

The Parish Council holds full Council meetings every month of year (except August and December), normally in the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin. The Annual Parish Council Meeting is held in May, prior to the full Council meeting.  The May Council meeting is when the councillors for the coming year are elected to the various positions and committees.

Claverton Parish Council Mission Statement

Claverton Parish Council aims to protect and enhance the quality of life for its residents, and to promote pride in the community and in the local environment by:

- Protecting the rural character of the Parish and promoting enjoyment of the local environment.

- Conducting council business in an open manner and keeping residents informed of issues and events through the village newsletter, meetings, the Parish Council notice board and website, and social media as appropriate.

- Being approachable and respectful of the views and suggestions of the community.

- Working in partnership with local organisations, agencies, other government authorities and individuals, as appropriate.

Key Objectives

- To promote and represent the best interests of the village at all times.

- To keep up tp date with changes in the rules and regulations affecting the Parish and its residents.

- To encourage and promote social and community values in the Parish by working in co-operatuon with, and supporting local organisations, groups and individuals, where practicable.

- To engage, whenever possible, in an open dialogue with residents, and to explain how the Parish Council seeks to address their needs within the limits of its statutory powers and the resources available to it.

- To enable, assist and encourage other organisations and agencies to provide services which would be of benefit to its residents.





The purpose of the Annual Parish Meeting is for the Parish Council to summarise its activities over the last year, and indicate its main plans for the coming year.  It is also an opportunity for the registered electors to ask questions and discuss/have their say on anything which they consider is important to them and/or which they would like the Council to consider in the next year.

Further details of the procedures for Parish Council Meetings and the Annual Parish Meeting can be viewed in the Standing Orders of the Parish Council.

The proceedings of Parish Council, Annual Parish Council and Annual Parish Meetings can be viewed in the Minutes.

Consultation representations, e.g.  on World Heritage Site, B&NES District or West of England Planning or Transport matters, which are referred to in the Minutes, can be viewed in Representations.

Please note that draft minutes are posted as soon as possible after the meetings but they are only formally approved at the next council meeting and hence, for completeness, any specific points should be checked in later minutes. A paper copy of minutes is also posted on the Parish Notice Board

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