Transport Committee Terms of Reference


Claverton Parish Council (hereafter ‘the PC’) shall have a Transport Committee (hereafter ‘the Committee’) to deal with all matters related to road, rail and air transport, pavements, footpaths, the Kennet & Avon Canal and transport policy. All transport policy matters will be the subject of recommendations from the Committee to the PC.


Committee Membership shall comprise the Chairman of the PC (ex officio) and three members of the PC appointed at the PC’s Annual Meeting. All members so appointed are voting members of the Committee. The quorum of the Committee is two.
A Chairman will be elected annually at the Committee’s first meeting after the PC’s Annual Meeting. S/he will hold office until the next Annual Meeting of the PC in accordance with its Standing Orders.

If the numbers of Councillors present (not including those debarred by reason of a declared pecuniary interest) is below the required quorum, no meeting can be held. Accordingly, any business shall stand   adjourned until the next meeting of the Committee.

Areas of Responsibility

The Committee has delegated authority from the PC to:

•    deal with all matters relating to pavements, public paths, highways and traffic management.

•    keep under review road safety matters affecting the Parish and liaise with Bath & North East Somerset Council (B&NES) and the Highways Agency (HA).

•    monitor public transport issues affecting the Parish.

•    monitor vehicle parking within the Parish.

•    monitor all matters relating to the Kennet & Avon Canal.

•    advise the Planning Committee on all transport aspects of proposed development within the Parish.

•    monitor and consider B&NES and HA transport plans and associated documents and respond, if appropriate, to any consultation document relating to transportation in the Parish.

•    deal with any other transport related matter referred to it by the PC.

It is open to the Committee, in any given case, not to exercise its delegated authority but, instead, to refer an issue, with its recommendations, to the PC. In addition, the Committee will, as necessary, recommend to the PC consultants relevant to the work of the Committee

All powers shall be exercised in accordance with Standing Orders or policy adopted, or directions given, by the PC.

Transport Policy

The Committee shall have responsibility for considering transport policy issues set out in key documents such as the West of England Joint Local Transport Plan or B&NES Core Strategy, and other plans that appear from time to time; and for making recommendations on those matters to the PC.

The Committee may nominate one or more of its members to sit as the Council’s representative on relevant statutory and ad hoc transport consultative groups such as the Valley Parishes Alliance. Those representatives will report to the Committee which will, as appropriate, make recommendations to the PC.

The Committee may nominate one or more of its members to be representatives at outside meetings or forums such as B&NES Transport Stakeholder meetings, the Annual West of England Joint Transport Forum or other events that occur from time to time.


The Chairman of the Committee will arrange Committee meetings as necessary to ensure that all transport matters are dealt with in a timely manner.

Minutes of all meetings will be recorded by a member nominated at a meeting and circulated to the PC.

The Committee may co-opt members of the public onto the Committee to assist it in its work. Such co-opted members may not vote.


These terms of reference will be reviewed at the PC’s Annual Meeting.

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